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Kibeho Fundraising Event

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Come and widen your African horizons! Join us for an afternoon of socialising & sharing at the Residence of the Rwandan High Commissioner. Sunday 31 March 4 - 7PM.

Socialising while enjoying some of the best Rwandan Coffees and teas, followed by an opportunity to buy some of the unique Holy Land Kibeho embroideries, listen to an introduction to Rwanda and an illustrated talk on the empowerment of vulnerable women in Kibeho through the embroidery project of the Holy Land Kibeho Embroideries.

A Rwandan dinner with South African wines will be served after the presentation.

Limited seats!

Secure Parking available.

Cost per ticket: R200 pp.

To reserve your seat, please call one of the numbers below to arrange your payment.

RSVP before 24 March 2019

Sally Currin: 083 447 7909

Janetje van der Merwe: 082 903 1178

Jose Vermeij: 073 564 8215

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