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My name is Venantie Mukamusoni. I was born in 1974 and I live in Kibeho. I have five children. One of the child is in school but the remaining children are still at home as I am not yet able to provide uniforms and school books for them. Before the project, I was working hard but for not much pay. I used to carry sand at construction site. This was heavy for me as I was weak, not feeding properly yet I had to carry heavy sacks of sand on my head. Today, thanks to the embroidery work, I am happy to sit at home and do my work at my pace and get my pay when I deliver the bags I have made. My wish is to see the project expand so that we could get enough income. This will enable my children to attend school and build a convenient house for my family. I am taking this opportunity to thank Netty Butera, Janetje Van Der Merwe and all her partners in the project. Your support has truly made an impact in my life.

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