Donate & Support the Kibeho Women

What will we do with your donation?

With your donation, we can do many things.
High on our priority list are currently the following items:


  • Pay a stipend to Martha, our local Project Coordinator (read more)

  • Hire a work place for the Kibeho women (read more)

  • Provide embroidery cottons for future training

  • Provide embroidery fabric for future training

What have we done with your donations so far?

With all the donations, we have done so many things already:

  • Train the Kibeho women in embroidery

  • Pay the Kibeho women dues

  • Buy sewing machines

  • Buy steam irons

  • Buy ironing boards

  • Buy a lockup cupboard

  • Provide embroidery cottons

  • Provide embroidery fabric



Support Us & Empower Women.

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