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Donate & Support the Kibeho Women

Donate to Kibeho Embroideries

What will we do with your donation?

With your donation, we can do many things.
High on our priority list are currently the following items:


  • Pay a stipend to Martha, our local Project Coordinator (read more)

  • Hire a work place for the Kibeho women (read more)

  • Provide embroidery cottons for future training

  • Provide embroidery fabric for future training

Donate to Kibeho Embroideries

What have we done with your donations so far?

With all the donations, we have done so many things already:

  • Train the Kibeho women in embroidery

  • Pay the Kibeho women dues

  • Buy sewing machines

  • Buy steam irons

  • Buy ironing boards

  • Buy a lockup cupboard

  • Provide embroidery cottons

  • Provide embroidery fabric



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