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The Women in Kibeho

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

And how this project will change their lives, together with that of their families.

Some of the women who live in Kibeho, are most vulnerable and of the poorest of the poor. They live from subsistence farming (food gardens) and generate a small income by begging during pilgrimages to Kibeho. The income from the sale of the embroidery project will help them to generate an additional income and discourage the indignity of begging. By doing this, it will improve their self-esteem, empower them and create a small income for their daily living and educate their children.

The sustainability of the project.

For the sustainability and progress of the project after the training phase, Netty Butera will be the contact between the project coordinator, Martha and the parish priest who will also be involved until the women can run the project themselves. We have also made contact with Jeanne Kamana a Soroptomist from Butare (Huye) who  visited the project in Kibeho and who will be getting involved as well.

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