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The phases of the Kibeho Project

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

The Kibeho Project has gone through 3 phases so far.

PHASE 1 (The initial training phase):


A lot of thought since 2013 has gone into the development of this project. Funding was received through Tonny Filedt Kok (Sorpotomist International Europe - African representative) in January 2015 from SI Scheveningen (R55 000) and SI Ede (R13 000), both from the Netherlands which meant that the training of the women could commence.

In July 2015, Janetje van der Merwe and two skilled women from the Mapula Embroidery Project (Rossinah Maepa and Dorah Hlogwane) flew to Kigali then by car to Kibeho for 10 days, training the first 12 women and teaching them apart from embroidery, to use a sewing machine and make marketable products. Once they were trained they taught the other 19 women who came into the project 8 months later.

The Sustainability of the project.

For the sustainability and progress of the project after the training phase, Netty Butera will be the contact between the project coordinator, Martha and the parish priest who will also be involved until the women can run the project themselves.

Phase 2:

A follow up visit to Kibeho in November 2015 was made by Netty Butera, Janetje van der Merwe and Helene Potgieter, and we were extremely encouraged by the progress that was made.

Phase 3:

A third follow up visit was made after we received a request from the local Priest to train an additional 19 women. This happened in July 2016 when three Soroptomists from the Club went to assist with quality control, design, sewing and payment procedures.

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