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Kibeho Craft Centre Design Proposal

The design proposal is intended for two purposes: Firstly to try and secure possible sponsor(s) for the craft centre project, and secondly to provide a secure work area for the Kibeho embroidery group with a safe play area for the toddlers that accompany their mothers.

This multi-functional node is intended to serve the local community by providing a work space for the embroiderers; a safe playground for the toddlers; bathroom & kitchen facilities and a store room for the stock/embroidery materials. The node can also serve as a gathering space for the local community.

Rainwater will be harvested from the roofs, to be used for the irrigation of urban agriculture (on a limited scale) that can be cultivated on the site.

The vision is furthermore to create an interactive tourist node where products (for sale) will be on display and also for the tourists to meet the ladies from the Kibeho Embroidery Project while they are at work. Tourists can also choose to take pictures with the individual embroidery artists.

This design has been created and sponsored by HP Architects & Heritage Architects.



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